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Indication list of PET-CT examinations financed by the National Health Insurance Fund (OEP)

According to the government decree 16/2008. (I. 31.) only clinical oncologists, neurosurgeons or neurologists - working in outpatient or in-patient care – can initiate PET scan, and for the ICD code of the requested examination only those codes can be choose which is marked in the 62/2007 (XII.29.) EüM decree.

IndicationsBNO/ICD10 classification
Malignant neoplasms, head and neckC00-C14, C30-32
Neoplasm of uncertain behaviour of cerebral and spinal meningesC70-72, D42-43
Thyroid carcinomaC73HO
Solitary pulmonary nodule differential diagnosis*R91HO
Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)C34
Esophageal cancerC15
Malignant neoplasm of colon and rectum (colorectal carcinoma)C18-C21
Lymphoma**C81-83, C8510-C8590
Melanoma malignumC43
Breast cancerC50
Cervical cancerC53
Medical check-up of epilepsy before surgery under the age of 18-*** (Generalized idiopathic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes)G4000, G4030

* Only in cases when biopsy cannot be performed and if the diagnosis cannot be cleared with any other methods
** Only in case of aggressive types of Non-Hodgkin lymphomas
*** Only in cases when the disease is therapy-resistant, the focus cannot be diagnosed with other methods (MR) and the patient is waiting for an operation

Besides the above mentioned the PET-CT can be used in the diagnostic process of several oncological diseases (without the need for a complete list: testicular, ovarian, pancreatic and renal cancer, tumor of the soft tissues and tumors of unknown aetiology). We are also able to examine Alzheimer’s disease (at an early stage), the viability of the heart muscle (in case of advanced coronary heart disease and after a myocardial infarction) and certain inflammatory diseases (for example fever of unknown aetiology, vascular and intestinal inflammations). These examinations are currently not financed by the National Health Insurance Fund (OEP).


The purpose of oncological PET-CT examinations:

  • Early detection or exclusion of cancer
  • Distinction of benign and malignant tumors
  • Examination of the extent of tumor, detection of metastases (stage classification)
  • Assessment of therapeutic efficacy, evaluation of remaining abnormalities
  • Re-assessment of stage classification
  • Planning of radiation therapy based on PET-CT


How does the referral to a PET-CT examination work?

There are two ways of referral depending on whether the examination is financed by the patient or he/she takes the examination as a patient financed by the National Health Insurance Fund (OEP).

The referral system of examinations financed by the National Health Insurance Fund (OEP)

  • The physician indicating the examination (oncologist, neurologist or neurosurgeon specialist) fills in the nationally unified PET-CT examination request form that can be downloaded from our website ( and posts it to the regional Waiting-list Committee.
  • The Waiting-list Committee makes a professional decision about the reasonability of the examination and if the decision is positive they record the patient’s data on the central waiting-list. If according to the committee’s professional decision the examination request is not reasonable they inform the indicating physician.
  • Patients on the central waiting-list are automatically distributed by a software to the PET-CT centres that have NHIF (OEP)-reception. In case of distribution the software takes the following into consideration: preference of the referring physician (to which centre he/she wants to refer the patient), the NHIF (OEP)-quota of the centres and the length of the inner waiting-list, the place of an eventual former examination and the residence of the patient.
  • If your examination request is sent to one of our PET-CT centres by our software company, our dispatcher service initiates conciliation about the time of examination with you immediately.


*1 Referral schedule of the self-financed PET examinations

Our company established a more flexible referral system for self-financed PET-CT examinations:

  • Performing the examination can be initiated by filling in the Examination Request Form (for self-financed examinations) that can be downloaded from our website. Any therapist of the patient (including the general practitioner/family physician) can fill it.
  • The filled examination request form has to be taken personally or sent with post or electronically directly to one of our centres.
  • The physicians in the centre decide immediately about the professional reasonability based on the former medical documentation and data on the examination request form. If you need we provide opportunity for consultation in advance on the phone or personally. At the same time we can agree on the time of the examination.
  • The self-financed examinations can be initiated by the patient. In such cases we consider personal consultation absolutely necessary for which you can apply for at our dispatcher service.
  • You can gain information on price and payment options of the PET-CT examinations at ScanoMed Budapest via our customer service or our CALL CENTER (+36 30 639 35 00)
  • Within the framework of the service contract the private PET-CT examination in Debrecen carried out by REOK Kft. For more information please call 06 (52) 444-222.