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Treatmet of bone pain

In order to alleviate bone pain caused by the tumor metastases radioactive isotope therapy may be necessary. The patient get the radioactive substance in an infusion and it takes only 10 minutes. This substance travels to those bones which are affected by the tumor and it radiates that area. In case of 60-80% of the patients the pain attenuates and the dose of analgetics can be decreased. In 10-20% of the patients the pain stops. If the treatment is succesful but the pain recurs there is the opportunity for further treatment. The patient can leave after the treatment.



The patient can eat and drink as usual. It is important to drink an excessive amount of fluid.



Certain medications may interfere with the therapy. If the patient takes any kind of drugs, the therapist has to inform them 4-6 weeks (!) before the therapy about taking which medications have to be suspended temporarily.
It is especially important if the patient is treated with osteoporosis, takes calcium-containing preparations or dietary supplements or gets certain anticancer medications.