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One of the cornerstones of the development of nuclear medicine was the introduction of the Positron Emission Tomography. In Hungary and in Middle-Europe the first PET centre financed by the Health Insurance Fund (OEP) started working in 1994 in Debrecen. By the end of the 90’s it became clear that this technology surpasses the traditional imaging techniques in diagnosing tumorous diseases, in evaluation of the severity and in assessment of efficacy of the therapy. In the years following this point huge development was achieved in the field of imaging techniques and especially in nuclear medicine. Due to the application of image fusion softwares and with the combination of radiology and isotope techniques new equipments appeared. With the help of these new technologies structural and functional data can be visualized at the same time. Thanks to the fusion of PET and CT the anatomical localization of the observed abnormality can be determined accurately.

In Hungary the first PET-CT examination was performed in our centre in Budapest in 2005. An other crucial point in our history is the establishment of our new centre, which takes place in the Institute of Nuclear medicine at DEOEC.

The ScanoMed Medical, Diagnostic, Research and Education Ltd. (formerly known as PET-CT Medical, Diagnostic Ltd.) performs high quality PET-CT examinations at first place. Our centre in the capital, the ScanoMed Budapest only performs oncological and neurological PET-CT examinations, while ScanoMed Debrecen in one of the nation’s greatest traditional nuclear medicine centre we offer uniquely integrated diagnostic methods for prevention and therapy: conventional nuclear medicinal techniques and state-of-the-art hybrid imaging equipment. In thein-patient department of ScanoMed Debrecen there is the opportunity for isotope therapy of malignant tumors and for the treatment of persistent, inflammatory diseases of the joints.

Since January 2007 the owner of the ScanoMed is the world’s 4th greatest manufacturer of imaging equipment, the MEDISO Ltd.


The ScanoMed headquarters:

4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút 98.

Phone: +36 52 526030

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