Scanomed - Nukleráis medicina központok

ScanoMed Debrecen

The nation's leading nuclear medicinal centre

The ScanoMed Debrecen is situated in the heart of the Medical and Health Science Centre at the University of Debrecen. In Hungary's largest nuclear medicinal laboratory traditional isotope diagnostic methods and the state-of-the-art new technologies like the PET-CT and SPECT-CT can also be found besides the isotope therapeutic facilities.

The ScanoMed Debrecen 2000 m2 building complex which was opened in 2009, is spaceous, elegantly furnished and makes a home for more than 30 isotope diagnostic tests. Due to this fact there is a possibility to examine and image almost all organs. The high quality and reliability of all the equipment and cameras in the field of manufacturing gamma cameras at Scanomed is provided by the parent company, MEDISO Ltd.
Diagnostic examinations are currently performed with 8 cameras.

The instrumental background of Scanomed Debrecen:

  • 1 16-section PET-SPECT-CT equipment: MEDISO AnyScan (on probation)
  • 1 64-section PET-CT equipment: Philips Gemini TF
  • 1 16-section MEDISO AnyScan SPECT-CT
  • 2 planar gamma-camera:

    - MEDISO Nucline AP, for examination of lungs and kidneys

    - MEDISO Nucline TH, for examination of the thyroid gland
  • 1 four-headed SPECT: MEDISO X-Ring/4R, for cerebral and ocular examinations
  • 2 two-headed SPECT:
 - MEDISO Cardio-C and
 - MEDISO Cardio-Desk for examinations of the heart

The safety and dinamism of all the examinations are provided by the highly-qualified medical team, the graduate imaging colleagues and the dedicated and responsible work of the isotope assistants. In the Scanomed Debrecen Centre the experienced and highly qualified physicians not only guarantee the reliable and adequate evaluation of the test, but they always answer the patients’ occurent questions with pleasure.

Scanomed Debrecen besides patient care and diagnostics is the cradle of national nuclear medicinal education. In our educational programs we provide the opportunity of scholarships and professional support. Within the professional program in cooperation with several national and university institutes, clinics, hospitals, Hungarian and international pharmaceutical companies we participate in clinical research projects and human phase clinical trials.



ScanoMed Debrecen

4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút 98.

Phone: +36 52 526030

Fax: +36 52 526032