Scanomed - Nukleráis medicina központok

Renal scintigraphy

Dinamic scintigraphy of the kidneys

Common indications

  • Assessment of renal function and the pace of excretion
  • Determining the relative functions of each kidney
  • Excluding or verifying urinary tract obstruction
  • Excluding or verifying the renovascular cause of high blood pressure
  • Detection and severity of reflux.

This test is individually tailored depending on what information does the therapist need concerning the kidneys. During the test the patient has to lie after administering a small amount of radioactive substance intravenously. The imaging lasts about 20 minutes and on the pictures you can follow how the kidneys excrete this substance and how it gets into the urinary bladder. If the physician suspects that something blocks the way of urine the patient is given diuretics and further images are needed.

If the indication of the test is high blood pressure a 20-minute-long test is performed for a series of images without administration of diuretics.



If the patient is being examined because of hypertension they have to be tested on an empty stomach as the food present may inhibit the absorbtion of ACE inhibitors used during the test. So in this case the patient should not eat anything from the night (midnight) before performing the test. Although patients should drink an excessive amount of fluid.


Static renal scintigraphy

Common indications

  • Detection of renal dystopy
  • Detection of functional parenchyma in case of renal developmental abnormalities and other kidney diseases
  • Determination and follow-up of recrudescent pyelonephritis induced injury
  • Estimation of renal function before an operation

The patient gets the radiopharmacon in 2 hours prior to the examination in the form of an intravenous injection. Imaging is performed from 4 different directions and it takes maximum 20 minutes. In the meantime the patient has to lie still.


Patients should drink at least 4 glasses of fluid in the morning on the day of the test.



Certain medications may interfere with the test. If the patient takes any kind of drugs, the physician has to inform them 4-6 weeks (!) before the test about taking which medications has to be suspended temporarily.

In case of patients with normal renal function 95% of the radiopharmacon eliminates from the body within approximately 4 hours.