Scanomed - Nukleráis medicina központok

Leucocyte-marked scintigraphy

Common indications:

  • Fever of unknown aetiology
  • Bowel inflammaions (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis) – extent, activity
  • Looking for abscesses
  • Inflammation of bones and joints

During the test at first place we take blood from you. In our laboratory we extract the leucocytes (white blood cells) from your blood sample and we sign them with radioisotopes. After this you get this together with the blood sample in a form of an intravenous injection. Imaging is performed 1 and 2 hours later. In some cases an additional CT examination has to be performed to detect the exact place of the abnormality which may increase the length of the test.

On the images you can see what is the exact place where the white blood cells are accumulated in your body.



The test should be performed on an empty stomach, so you can only eat after taking your blood.



You can take all the medications you are recommended to take regularly.
Rarely infection or bleeding may occur at the site of the injection.