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Examination of the liver and the biliary tract

This examination provides information about the liver, the gall-bladder and the secretion and elimination of bile.

We choose the most proper test depending on the indication.


Static liver scintigraphy – common indications

  • Diffuse liver diseases (cirrhosis)
  • Verification of focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH)
  • Nodular abnormalities in the liver-differential diagnosis
  • Scintigraphy of liver blood content


Scintigraphy of liver blood content – common indications:

  • Verification of cavernous hemangioma


Examination of biliary ducts – common indications:

  • Gall-bladder, biliary tract disfunction
  • Chronic cholecystitis
  • Differential diagnosis of organic and functional biliary obstruction
  • Verification of FNH (focal nodular hyperplasia)


During the test a small amount of the radiopharmacon is administered to the patient in the form of an intravenous injection, which is taken up by the liver and is excreted to the gall-bladder. After this the imaging is performed which lasts for 110 minutes if gall-bladder is present and for 90 minutes if not. If the patient has a gall-bladder he or she has to eat a bar of dark chocolate at the 60. minute of the test, which enhances contractions of the bladder. We also administer a drug which promotes the elimination of bile to the intestines.



As for aquiring the most accurate results, 4-6 hours of fasting is necessary, patients are asked not to eat or drink anything except for water - during these couple of hours.



Certain medications may interfere with the test. If the patient takes any kind of drugs, the physician has to inform them 4-6 weeks (!) before the test about taking which medications has to be suspended temporarily.


Other side effects:

The drug responsible for enhancing the emptying of the gall-bladder may cause similar symptoms as consumption of greasy food. In some cases headache may also occur.

If the patient had gall-bladder surgery before, the therapist and the medical team performing this test has to be informed about this fact.