Scanomed - Nukleráis medicina központok

Bone and joint scintigraphy

We are administering a small amount of radioactive substance to the circulation in form of an intravenous injection.

Diphosphonates accumulate in bones depending on osteoblast activity and blood supply and this way they enable the early detection of bone metastases of tumors.

Areas with enhanced activity may refer to abnormal processes (for example inflammation, fractures or tumors) as the radiopharmacon accumulation is increased in the affected bones. The imaging is done 2-5 hours after the injection. In order to provide the accuracy of the test patient should drink a bigger amount of fluid (minimally 1,5 l) during waiting to enhance uptake of the radiopharmacon and to protect kidneys.

The whole body is screened, which takes about 15-60 minutes depending on whether special images are taken. In certain cases we take images right after administering the intravenous injection. The therapist may ask for a CT scan as well, it does not increase the length of performing a test significantly.


Common indications:

  • Scanning and follow-up of different tumor metastases
  • Looking for the cause of bone and back pain of unknown aetiology
  • Assessment and medical check-up of bone abnormalities seen on X-ray
  • Assessment and evaluation of pain associated with articular prostheses. Detection of inflammatory processes of the joints.

There is no need for special preparational methods. Patients can eat and drink as usual, they can even take their regular medications.