Scanomed - Nukleráis medicina központok

Price list

Price list of examinations fully paid by the patient (valid from 07.05.2013.)

Examination/ScanoMed Budapest

PET-CT examination (FDG) 
240 000 Ft
Consultation fee15 000 Ft


Examination/ScanoMed Debrecen

The following examinations are performed only on certain days. Tracer and isotope must be ordered before the examination and this may take several days to obtain.

I123-MIBG SPECT-CT220 000 Ft
ln111/Tc99m-Octreotide SPECT-CT300 000 Ft
I-131 MIBG SPECT-CT120 000 Ft
I-131 full body SPECT-CT60 00 Ft


The following examinations can be undertaken in any working day.

PET-CT examination (FDG)240 000 Ft
PET-CT examination (metionin)240 000 Ft
Brain perfusion SPECT36 000 Ft
Bone scintigraphy SPECT-CT26 500Ft
Thyorid scintigraphy (Tc-vel)10 000 Ft
MIBI thyorid scintigraphy22 000 Ft
Parathyroid scintigraphy SPECT-CT39 000 Ft
MIBI breast scintigraphy SPECT-CT25 000 Ft
Resting myocardial perfusion SPECT32 000 Ft
Myocardial perfusion with Dipyridamol pressures37 000 Ft
Lung perfusion SPECT-CT19 000 Ft
Lung perfusion and inhalation SPECT-CT28 600 Ft
Dynamic inhalation lung scintigraphy13 700 Ft
Esophageal scintigraphy8 000 Ft
Static liver scintigraphy SPECT-CT18 000 Ft
Liver blood content test SPECT-CT18 000 Ft
FNH statement supplemented by SPECT-CT30 000 Ft
Biliary scintigraphy with provocation17 000 Ft
Meckel diverticulum SPECT-CT18 000 Ft
Gastrointestinal bleeding SPECT-CT19 000 Ft
Static renal scintigraphy10 000 Ft
Dynamic renal scintigraphy with provocation18 000 Ft
Eye SPECT28 000 Ft
Radiolabeled white blood cell scintigraphy SPECT-CT45 000 Ft
Liquorter scintigraphy SPECT-CT24 000 Ft
Lymph nodes, lymphatic route scintigraphy SPECT-CT22 000 Ft
Hand-foot perfusion test10 000 Ft


lsotope therapeutic interventions (excluding hotel costs)

lodine I-131 uptake counting10 000 Ft
lodine I-131 up to 1000 MBq132 500 Ft
lodine I-131 up to 3500 MBqg176 500 Ft
Articular radionuclide therapy90 000Ft
Sm-153 bone pain palliation180 000Ft

Did you know...

that with the help of PET-CT the scar tissue developed during cancer therapy can be distinguished from viable tumorous tissue?